“Meallennials Food & Fashion”

One of the best places to satisfy your cravings in Imus City,Cavite

One of the best places to eat in Imus City,Cavite and one of the most famous places for food is Meallennials Food & Fashion. In reading this blog I’m going to take you on a tour to Meallennials Food & Fashion and explore the vibrant, very interesting and fascinating area of Imus City,Cavite. “MEALLENNIALS” is a buffet restaurant where you can find the amazing food that Millennials asking for this days. Meallennials Food & Fashion is inspired to Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the demographic cohort following Generation X and preceding Generation Z. Researchers and popular media use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years, with 1981 to 1996 a widely accepted definition which they named their restaurant “MEALLENNIALS” it is a meal for the new generation. Meallennials Food and Fashion is located at 437 General E. Topacio Street Poblacion 4-C, Imus, Luzon 4103 Philippines. Meallennials Food and Restaurant is perfect for your friends or family that have different cravings. Meallennials serves unlimited pasta,pizza,burgers,nuggets,nachos,chicken wings,fries,and samgyupsal which is perfect for your cravings.

How restaurant ambiance affects the bottom line”


There are a lot of people who are actually visiting this place to dine in because it has good ambiance, accommodating staff, and of course affordable food choices! Their place is quite small but they could somehow accommodate approximately 50 people.

Eating out is not just about food. It is the experience that matters. Whether it is a sandwich from fast food joint or a lavish spread at a fine dining restaurant, the customer would love to enjoy it in a good environment. Imagine having a scrumptious meal in a shabby place. Not only does it cause a visually repelling effect on the customer, there’s a huge chance that the customer will quickly judge the restaurant to be unhygienic, irrespective of the hygiene standards you maintain. This will drive them away. Therefore, a clean and visually appealing decor is a must in every restaurant.

When my friends and I visited Meallennials Food and Fashion its’s so perfect for instagram beacuse of its ambiance. The ambiance is refreshing in people’s eyes. The way they handle the design of each occassion, and the way that they handle the hygiene of their restaurant.

They have different packages for every meal you want. They have a rule “Strictly no sharing” and they have “2 hours time limit” but you know what is good in this restaurant? If you and your friends are 4 and above you can share your meal to each other.

Just by looking on the photos of each meal, you’ll definitely feel hungry. Imagine? You could dine in by just spending less than Php 300.00 . Moreover, the photos really look the same as the actual. As you know, there are some restaurants who have good photos but when you have seen the actual food, you’ll somehow feel disappointed.

Food is the ingredient that binds us together”

Eating out is not just about the tongue. It involves all the human senses and if each of these senses is pleased, the whole experience becomes pleasurable. Good music for the ears, the right colour combinations for the eyes and furniture in good material for the touch can really make your restaurant stand out among the rest. All of these must be chosen carefully, such that they follow the theme of your restaurant closely. The price of their food is budget-friendly and Im sure anyone can afford it even you are students.

If you decided to visit this restaurant, they are open Tuesdays to Sundays from 1:30 PM to 10:30 PM. You can have your lunch and dinner here!

If you are from Manila, you can check out the place by using either google maps or any “direction” applications available in the web.

“I cooked my way to fitness, making sure to only feed myself tasty well prepared dishes with all the right stuff, the perfect fuel.”

-Erwan H.

The Meallenials proved to us that in each different appetite it can be found in just one restaurant. Meallenials proved that in every dish that they served they fulfill the customers happiness.

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